Growing Careers

Clubs learning and development

Your local club knows the importance of ongoing learning and development. A career in clubs will mean you get the right development and exposure to the best training available.

To do this, your local club created the Club Education Institute (CEI), its own world-class program of learning and development. Many of the course and programs are free for club staff to access, and with the support of your manager, you can undertake advanced courses.

CEI will help you continually learn and grow, realising the many possibilities a career at your local club offers.

Whether you are on the front line or in the boardroom, you can acquire new knowledge and skills essential to your future. With courses, seminars and events tailored to a career in clubs, you will find your work enhanced by the ongoing investment in your skills and knowledge.

As you can see, you can start learning on the job at high school through ClubEDU and progress with continual learning to advance your career in the club industry no matter how senior or experienced you become. Every step of your journey is supported by learning through CEI.